John Blatt

Intuitive Psychic Medium


EXCITING NEWS !!! On June 3rd I will be the guest on the radio show "Paranormal and Beyond Radio" on WWPV, 92.5 FM 'The Mike'. It's streamed live and world wide from the green mountain state of Vermont. Check out the "Paranormal and Beyond Radio" Facebook page. The host is Jill Decker ... an awesome lady and many thanks to her for asking me to be a guest.

About Me

I never thought I would be 'putting out my shingle' (which I'm only doing figuratively, not literally!) but felt it was time to offer my services as a way of sharing the gifts I've been blessed with. This has been a time of growing and will continue to be as I encourage others to embracing these gifts and accepting, not rejecting, the energy we can feel, but not see. I don't have 'special powers', I'm simply being used as a messenger and have come to learn about and use the energy level that is around each and everyone of us. It has always been a part of me so I consider it as a part of who I am. It's as normal to me as everyday activities are for each of us. No, I cannot tell you the lottery numbers, that is not what this is about (but I've been asked on more than one occasion for those numbers!).

I welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and work with you. I'm a native Vermonter and I manage requests for readings and group events around my full-time job ... it always comes together!